Simplify Your Home Delivery Operations with DelivSnap

Tired of app-switching and platform-hopping for home delivery management? Look no further than DelivSnap - an intuitive and powerful all-in-one home delivery management suite designed for seamless internal, driver, and customer-facing operations. With DelivSnap, you'll accomplish more in less time, giving you the freedom to build and nurture your customer base and grow your home delivery business.


Why You Need DelivSnap

Increase Weekly Order Totals With Strategic Product Promotion

Convincing customers to add additional products to their weekly or scheduled order need not require a marketing team and a separate budget. Inside DelivSnap merchandising is made easy using Best Sellers, Featured Products, Cross Selling, Upselling, Product Bundles, and more! 

Reduce Fuel Costs & Save Time With Delivery Route Optimization

Minimize your fuel and resource costs while providing faster deliveries to  customers. DelivSnap's built-in mapping engine streamlines the process of managing delivery routes, so you can assign drivers, track progress, and make real-time adjustments easily. No additional apps needed!

Get Paid Faster

With built-in accounts receivable functionality and integration with popular payment processors, managing customer accounts and getting paid has never been easier! DelivSnap includes accounting features such as AutoPay, Pay existing balance before placing a new order, update card on file....

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DelivSnap Key Features

 eCommerce Store

Showcase your product offerings beautifully across all types of devices with our integrated and customizable online store that allows customers to shop with ease and manage their account. Store features include Recurring Order Engine, Product Merchandising, and EzPay Management.

Customer Service and Support Management

Deliver exceptional customer service using DelivSnap's centralized ticketing system that allows all customer service representatives to view, track, and resolve all customer inquiries promptly. 

Accounts Receivable Management

Stay on top of your finances with DelivSnap's comprehensive accounts receivable management tools. You can easily track payments, generate invoices, and manage billing efficiently.

No Server Installation

DelivSnap is a cloud-based solution, eliminating the need for server installation. It's hassle-free and reduces IT complexity. Use with your existing office computers and mobile devices.

Route Optimization with Visual Route Guidance

Optimize your delivery routes to save time and fuel costs. DelivSnap provides visual guidance to drivers, helping them take the most efficient routes, leading to faster deliveries.

Driver App for Fulfillment and Service

Equip your drivers with a dedicated app for efficient order fulfillment and excellent customer service. Real-time updates and communication direct-to-device enhance the delivery process.

Automated Email, SMS Marketing, Reminders, and Notifications

Keep customers engaged and informed with automated marketing, order reminders, and notifications. Enhance the customer experience and drive repeat business.

Support & Services You Can Count On

With DelivSnap, you get a comprehensive set of features, compatibility with standard hardware, and access to support services tailored to your needs, including optional emergency 24x7 support.

Grow Your Customer Base

Find out how CoreSmart's relationship-driven home delivery management suite or digital marketing services can help you attract, acquire, engage, nurture and delight your customers.